Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wednesday February 15th - 'Should' Verses 'Should Not'

You should not go to any events hosted by the MSA
Or pay 9 dollars for a pint of beer
You should buy crazy kinds of sausages like Duck and Pistachio or Spicy Lamb, as well as sit by the river and take pictures of yourself in front of the next stop on your evenings to do list (even then the exposure never gets quite right)


You should take lovely pictures of things along the way to said next stop, including a shot for the bridge pictured above looking back on the expensive resurant you were at, as well as a pretty street near the botanical gardens and arts center.

You should not go to the Eureka Sky Deck for $10 an elevator ride
Nor should you pay an extra $10 to go out onto The Edge, which is basically just glass floor and cheezey sound effect.

You should take pictures of the screen they display your photo on instead of spending the $15 for a copy 

You should not forget to adjust your camera settings to make sure they turn out
You should not follow the crowd to the place that was on the original plan to go, being that it is just a casino and you don't gamble. Instead you should look for people you've met before and stick with them.
When they try to make you go to The Crown anyway, you should refuse and insist instead that you go somewhere unique and elsewhere.
When they him and hah, you should grab both of them by the arm and say - C'mon we're going this way, now.
You should find a lovely little place under a bridge called "The Pony Fish"

You should remember how poor you are and grab a hardly touched drink from a deserted table.

You should joke about your peace pipe of a wine glass and Ramon's expressive eyebrows

You should take amazing postcard photos of the Yarra River (though it might be a but crooked, you are drinking while doing so)

When the choice to leave now and get on the last train back to school comes up or to grab wine and drink by the river comes up, you should take the latter.
When you cannot find wine, you should go to the water anyway, look at the stars with your feet in the water (you should not think about what is in the river however) and muse about how these are new stars what you've never seen before (you will be told you are cute by your new German friends for thinking about such things)
Then when Silvio sates that he does have Vodka you can have instead of wine at his place and that you should find some mix and do that instead of wine, you should agree to this plan, UNTIL you find how expenisve mix is and instead should suggest just to take it straight.
You should to get to Silvio's place and meet his very attractive for his age German roommate (so many Germans!)
You should then drink with everyone until the wee hours of the morning where you pass out on the couch after talking the night away
Before you fall asleep however you should not inhale a shot of vodka, it is true pain to have Finlandia in your lungs.
The next morning you will get home safely having had a fantastic evening because you made your own adventure (with no thanks to the MSA) and perhaps thrown in a 'should' where your mother might have suggested  or hoped for a 'should not'.

     There's no place like...

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