Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thursday February 16th - Saturday February 18th - Catch Up

Thursday Feb 16th
     Daytime did more international stuff, Later pre-drank for the uni pub called "The Nott" -The Notting Hill Pub, I wish it was called The Knot but whatever. One of the RA's (like a don) provided a tub of goon punch for everyone. Goon is cheap sweet awful boxed wine but it's the most affordable thing to drink down here. When mixed with juice it's not bad but it certainly hits you the wrong way. The Nott a huge loud pub that is very bright. All the lights are on to help the staff make sure people are fondling each other in the corner or passed out on the floor. Pitchers here aren't half as big as the ones in Canada and only cost $12 but it doesn't even out. It's about a 2km walk from rez but everyone goes in a group and on the way back there is a Macker's (as they call it here, it's a McDonalds) for your late night hunger buzz, I prefer it as hangover food. Nothing of note to report.

Friday Feb 17th
     Daytime did The Great Monash Dash. I really wish they had called it The Great Monash Casual Stroll - we did nothing but run for an hour. It was like the paintball episode of Community- they made the prize a fancy trip to see penguins and everyone booked it in order to try to win, my team came in 2nd. We got nothing. We didn't get to see campus at all either because we were too busy running around screaming "Think of the penguins! Do it for Happy Feet!" so the point of the dash was moot. Nighttime was spent at another very lame MSA event for the internationals, way too expensive, food and drink were meh, not all that was promised was delivered (a baked potato is NOT Australian finger food). I was still tired from the night before and called it in early (I'd been phoning it in most of the night anyway) Tried to get the Monash version of Go Safe home but the security guard had no idea what I was talking about. I didn't know what to do but the group I'd been hanging out with all night volunteered to walk me home even though they were ready to leave yet, it wasn't a long walk so they "walked the lady home" and went back to the party. Canadians are supposed to be the polite ones but I've had some very gentlemanly actions from the Sueds, French and East Africans (I think). Also interestingly enough I've discovered a pattern that only internationals want to call me "Kathy". It happened back in Canada as well a couple times with the guys from the corner store next to AWN. Somehow "Kathryn" is just too much. *Shurg*

Saturday Feb 18th
     Laid on the grass outside and did about  this much >< of anything... Had floor meetings and a chit chat about rez life, a Mayalasian style dinner and some games. 
Wow.  When you write things a week later it's really hard to remember anything exciting.

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