Monday, 13 February 2012

Saturday February 11th - Night #1

     The timing of the night is very vague, I can't really tell you what time all this happened because not all of my clocks were to the local time. But basically I got into my room, met my RA (like a don), got a little tour and set up my internet. Residence is oddly laid out on this campus, unlike York where the rez buildings are all over campus and you will likely not have to walk too far to your classes because the rez you were in is the college you are affiliated with, but here they have all the residences in one corner of the campus and all of them are at least a 10 minute walk to the first classroom in campus central. It's like if York put everyone in Fountainhead and made everyone walk uphill ten minutes to get to York Lanes (I hope no one in admin is reading this because they might end up thinking it's a good idea). I'm in New Deakin, which was built only a year after Old Deakin and is connected by a common room. You'd think it was a good idea to be in New Deakin but "New" still refers to 1963 and because the old res refers to 1962 they deserve to be renovated first so the old is actually a bit nicer, but I really don't care.

     It didn't take long to unpack as I had nothing to unpack so I wandered around for a while a saw what there was to see, this is what I saw.

     I promise to take a better picture of this soon with my nice camera, but this is behind my residence. (I'll give you a moment to close your mouth) And after walking about for 10 minutes living on this campus is like living in High Park, it's beautiful, don't even get me started on the animals (that'll be a whole nother blog post to come).

     There was a BBQ in the courtyard at 6, so wandered on over and met some very nice people, someone (I don't remember his name) gave me my first Aussie beer, it was alright. You can drink anywhere around rez here, and what I say you I mean anybody, even don's and bosses (they don't really have frosh bosses like we do, but enough of the same). After dinner we're all standing around taking on the cerement until I started a movement to appreciate the grass, which lead to an importune game of duck, duck, goose (they do not play it correctly down here) and the human knot, when it started to rain we moved inside and I taught them slow motion samurai after playing evolution and another game I can't remember.

     Once they ran out of games they decided to put on 3 different movies in different rooms, a rom com, a comedy and an action flick. Myself and Ushwa (his real name is Josh and he has taken to calling me Moose, I like it) decide that this was disinteresting and decided it best to start drinking (what a class act am I! :D) We it turns out we were not the only once to feel this not to be our forte and the situation quickly snowballed into the following:

     In "The Prog" (the projector room), 20+ people including 75% of the RA's, the head RA and all of the o week (frosh week) volunteers (bosses), myself and many others played SEVERAL drinking games including Kings Cup, fueled by a slab (a 28 can pack) of beer which was donated by one of the RA's himself. By the end of the night at least 2 of the RA's were HAMMERED and every one of them was dolling out drinks to the residents. This is insane. It's awesome without doubt but I've had Winters ground into me for so long, that I couldn't believe it was something that was permitted. The drinking games are great and I promise to share then once I get them memorized. There is no songs at the end of the night or at midnight (boo), but there is a song for every time you have to skull your drink (finish it) which calls into question the skullers (he/she who skulls) manhood or breast size. Once I get that one down I'll share it too.

There's no place like...

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