Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Monday February 13th - Set Up Life

     Banking, setting up phones, health cards and student ID's. Nothing exciting about the day. Finally wore some colour and got some nice comments on it. Got lost and found sheep. I have no idea why there were sheep, but there were sheep. When I told an RA who had been going to school for years he had no idea either. Later in the day 46 of us went out to an Italian restaurant not far from campus called La Porchetta (it was an unofficial rez event). The food was fairly solid. I had an interesting time navigating the menu as there were a few things I couldn't understand such as spring onions = green onions and capsicum = red peppers. This did however lead to a few good jokes about how North Americans don't bother with fancy names, we just differentiate by colour (colour blind people have no say in what we name the food it seems). I also sold some Canadian money to a guy named Atreyu (exactly like the kid from The Never Ending Story, his parents loved it so much they name their son after him) and made a profit, impressed he hell out of a couple people who thought all Canadians speak French and even when I said that I only spoke 'un petit peu' it blew their minds.

     Then came back to rez and played drinking games, it really seems to be all they do here, I'm kind of getting tired of it. They've got a couple cool rules of Kings Cup that I will have to bring back with me like the Ring of Fire which is where if you break the ring of cards around the cup you have to skull your drink and a replacement game for Aces being Waterfall. Otherwise the rules are pretty much the same, there are official rez rules just to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one can argue. I've already advanced the game for them though; 2 you and 3 meant you only drank once before I showed up, now you drink two and I drink three rather than just dictating who (that seems like such an obvious things though doesn't it?). Anyway I was pretty tired when I got back in so I made myself a cup of tea to play with and of course I got a king so it was a very amusing once people realised what I had poured in. We must have played 6 games of it (halfway through we divided into two table because it was getting so large) and when they finally decided to switch games I snuck out because I have International Orientation the next morning so it was time to turn in.

     Fortunately the bed is pretty comfortable, I've been sleeping well. Jet lag is still affecting me but hopefully that will go away before o week.

     There's no place like...

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