Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sunday February 19th - Scav Hunt

     Sunday was a trip downtown to do a scavenger hunt. Many of the other rez's were also doing a similar events and it was then that The fear dawned on me that Deakin may be the snobby college. We look like a soccer or physics team when we all get together. Thought I will admit the shirts are cute I miss my over sized red cut up and drawn on boss tee.
     We were to take pictures of these things. Some highlights:

3. Get a picture with someone famous (this guy was on Hey Hey Its Saturday... whatever that is)

He posed like this just for me, how did he know?

6. Human pyramid on public transport PLUS 14. Find a horse and carriage 

4. Have a pot (half pint) at Young and Jackson's PLUS 7. Buy something while on piggyback PLUS 26. Order something with a box on your head

12. Get drenched (this is the Yarra Ruver, from what I'm told its the most disgusting river known to man, there is a safe limit of fish you can eat from it before all the pollutants and fecal matter build up to toxic levels in your body, I believe its 3 a month, I really think it should be zero)

These two brave souls are Sean (Eyebrows) and Josh. 

 Josh's face in the picture above gives you a good idea of the water quality. 

20. Most people in a phone booth (we got 9)

22. Find the window that is never dry

23. A first year must eat spam PLUS 25. Photo at Melboune Gaol (Old English for jail)

17. Suit up (we went the extra step and birthday suit up, [sort of, not really])

Good fun, very tiring. Slept well Sunday night. (Did not win though. :( )

There's no place like...

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