Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Friday February 24th - Healsville Sanctuary

Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary is about an hour outside Melbourne. Had a very good day with Milan, Kirsten, James and Hasseena. Look, Am-knee-mals! 


Forest Fairies (Leadbeater Possums), they're noturnal. Didn't even see them and they were still the cutest things there.

I'll be damned if I can rememeber all these  bird names. 

This is the Wipe for Wildlife Campaign. It is as follows: 
The philosophy is simple. Flushing trees down the toilet doesn't make sense! Especially in times of Climate Change and especially when toilet paper can be made from waste products such as recycled paper. Millions of trees are flushed down the toilet each year so that we can all wipe our bums and bits. In fact, Australians currently flush millions of trees down the toilet each year! We can all help our environment and wildlife simply by choosing recycled toilet paper. Ones that:
Use 100% post-consumer waste
Are made within Australia
Uses non-toxic chemicals.
And its AWESOME.

Apparently those pouches go a good ways back, thank you for demonstrating, guys.

They had this marked as an iguana...?


Wallaceeee! (No Wallaehh)

Peleicans, there no clown fish in their mouths. :(

 Flying Foxes - they were huge and beautiful.

Also, regardless of what anyone tells you, what I said was: "No wonder someone would make a  superhero out of these things." Although what was misheard is hilarious.

This little guy (I can't rmemeber what he was) was 4 days old.

Lyre Bird: if you don't know how bad ass this bird is, watch this: 

Do I have to tell you what these are?

Believe it or not, these pictures are different, I couldn't decide which one to put up. :P

ZOMG. How can you not love that?! The second one reminds me of Evan. 

Echidnas, in the same pen  as the koalas

Continued campaign for the aforementioned Wipe for Wildlife Campaign 

D'awe. So sleepy. Taking pictures in the sun all day can be so exhausting.

There's no place like... 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Wednesday February 22nd - Toga Party

     This is pretty self explanatory: Deakin hosted a Toga Party. There was dancing and laughter goooood times. Also apparently I am a really good dancer. That or Aussie girls don't dance. I'm leaning to the latter from what I saw but I did overhear a comment of "why do we bother? Look at her, she's so good!" which was spirit lifting. I wore black because it was a black light party and everyone was wearing white. For some reason, it kept me at the only person in focus. Also, the photos aren't blurry, the exactly represent how I remember the evening.

This was my fierce face apparently, Like I was going to eat them after this photo was taken (they should be so lucky).

I liked all of these pictures, so they will all be posted.

Oh, yeah, work it.

We are men! Manly men! In bed sheets.

Callum and I take damn good photos it appears.

My harem.

I know not why they are both making the same face. (Tim has previously not appeared)

Its hard to tell but this is the entirely of Deakin hall doing the Winters Dance, I taught everyone, they loved it.

Jacob, Kirsten and Rachel (Local, Brit and Brit)

"Seduce the camera!"

"You're a tiger!"

"You're a meerkat!"
(My meerkat face is very similar to my seduction face).

Chuck, Luigi, Alice and Michael.

Remember this face from Eyebrows for when I refer to him later.

Chole, my neighbor, is beneath Sam and Rhian (She's from Tasmania).

     They provided alcohol, one standard drink and hour on a wristband system fortunately they let you know when the next round was available to you. I did a touch of pre drinking and during drinking in the courtyard outside of what they'd been offering and got proper drunk and a little lonely. after falling asleep in The Proj, Eyebrows check on me every 5 minutes (he kept forgetting he had just a moment ago, but it was sweet), responding "Yeah I just get cuddly when I'm drunk and there is no one to cuddle." and falling asleep again I made the following video at the end of the night:

Well that was fun. This is what happens when you get drunk upside down. You want to talk about things on the internet. Its good for a laugh. ("I just want to touch people.")

There's not place like...