Friday, 24 February 2012

Monday February 20th - The Deakachu

     Today was get as much free crap as you can day. If you had purchased the MSA card (which, due to the MSA's history I have not purchased) most of the clubs were free. To coax you into joining things they offered you booze. Sign up for the physics club- get a jello shooter. Put your name on the mailing list for the history team - here's a beer. Join the skiing society with three others you line up and take a shot off a waterski. Wait, what was the point of this again? I only signed up for clubs that allowed me to try it first without paying for anything. Maybe I'm a stick in the mud and too sturdy in my resentment of asking people to pay for things they don't know about and maybe I should just sign up for things to meet ppl but I'm already broke so I just don't think I can.

     Oh wait, update: You are looking at the newest and proudest member for the Monash Club for Juggling and Firetwirling.

     No, I do not know anything about any of those things but they are going to teach me, and it, and I, is going to be awesome.

     In the evening we had the option of attending Host Scheme night (guess who organized that one?) for $23 or free laser tag and bowling... So off to the latter we go. 4th in laser tag (my lowest score in a tag event ever) bowling was entertaining though less then flattering to my sportsmanship. In addition there was an arcade (similar to Dave and Busters) in which a couple of Deakin kids suggested we pool our resources to receive a giant Pikachu for the low low cost of 10 000 tickets. This suggestion snowballed as we took over the entire arcade finding the games that consistently delivered the most tickets for the cheapest cost. With 5 minutes to go we were at 9000 tickets as 20 of us ran around attempting to achieve our goal. We did it. Behold THE DEAKCHU.

     Its big and silly and childish and wonderful and I don't care how immature I look. You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing. I will not stop playing.

There no place like...

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