Monday, 13 February 2012

Saturday February 11th - Getting in

    After exiting the plane I followed everyone into Melbourne International and spotted the duty free with great big signs telling me it was my last chance to buy. Turns out you can take 2 bottles of booze into Aus with you, unfortunately I didn't know that when I went through CDN customs because it was have been SO MUCH CHEAPER!  Booze is expensive here. Really expensive. The duty free is just as expensive as it would be in a LCBO back home. It was 50 bucks for a bottle of rum and a bottle of vodka, where if I had known what I was allowed to bring in I would have bought in the Canadian duty free for less than half that. Oh well.

     As I went to pick up my luggage I heard my name called over the speaker along with the names of the kids I had met on the flight from T.O. to L.A. We were to go the baggage services. *dun-dun DUN* Our bags hadn't made it to the Melbourne flight and were still in L.A. They were going to send it along with the next flight and it would be here tomorrow, in the mean time here was a overnight package (which consisted of oversize's pj's toothbrush, toothpaste deodorant and soap) and where would we like it to be sent. Well how the heck am I supposed to know! I don't have my residence assignment yet and I've not even been there! Well we can call you later and you can tell us, No you can't I also don't have a phone! Ugh. So that sucks. And as I sit here typing this I'm wearing the same clothes as I have been for 4 days because they have not arrived yet. Just swell. In addition Lori didn't make her connecting flight in LA either and was unable to give me a ride to the school so I had to get a bus, now, it's okay because there was a student welcome desk and it was pretty easy to get on this shuttle  (it's not like I had luggage or something) but it's not like I needed more to worry about. Sitting on the bus behind me were 4 girls on the same flight (who had got their bags) who were also going on exchange at Monash (all from different places). I know this because they could not have been louder, not because I decided to talk to them. Why? You ask. These are some highlights from their engaging conversation:

Girl 1: Why is the abbreviation for Australia AUS/OZ?
Girl 2: *dead serious* Honestly, I'm pretty sure its after the wizard.

Girl 3: I know right? So weird missing a day on the way here, its like being Marty McFly!
Girl 4: Who?
Girl 3: Oh, don't worry about it. I watch a lot of stuff normal people don't get and make some pretty random and obscure pop culture references that normal people wouldn't get.

*face palm*

     Are you kidding me? No, No I do not want to be your friend, I would rather do this alone then surround myself with people who think they are special because they have seen Back to The Future.

    Anyway so I got to the campus and to my Rez. I'm on the ground floor of an amazing residence, I say amazing because I cannot believe this is how they decided to lay it out but it works very well. It's taken me since I landed to write all this because I've been so busy and my adaptor was in the luggage that was lost so this is about all that I can give as of now.And jet lag is a bitch.

There's no place like...

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