Friday, 17 February 2012

Tuesday February 14th - Valentines Day


     International/Exchange Orientation today. Met with some others from my rez and the one Lori is in (including Lori) to head over the campus central. Found the place with a fair amount of ease because they were giving out breakfast... and there were signs saying it was this way. For breakfast, get this, pancakes with ice cream on them. Yup, for breakfast, two fluffy hot pancakes, maple syrup and a great big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

     Delish. There was also coffee/latte's etcetera. Once we had signed in and the breakfast was collected we sat on the lawn(the weather was beautiful)  and socialized. Met many nice people from around the world (and a few stuck up ones from France and Italy). The one most of note was Slivio who was a German Italian, who looks like a less several Alan Cumming who was the only one to wish me a happy valentine's day, the subsequently proposed to me, and then got upset when I said I didn't cook. After this encounter we didn't actually talk for the rest of the day and I was disappointed/reminded  I wouldn't have a valentine.

     I hate valentine's day. I hate it because it's basically a day within which you have to prove your love, and that you love, more than anyone else at any other time, and if you don't you have failed. It's stupid and I hate it. It's a giant disappointment, always. No one is ever happy on valentine's day and we should get rid of it entirely. 

     Anyway, the actual orientation itself was very boring and nothing interesting to write about. Lunch was good, I talked to some not stuck up Italians who said there were people in Italy who would beat and burn me for my beliefs but that they weren't one of them and Chinese guy who said that in 50 years China will be ready for democracy but to have it now would make the country crumble. 

     Afterwards I bought tickets to several events that I will be sure to talk about including a trip to the beach and an exclusion to a animal sanctuary where I will be exposed to all those creates you've already anticipated I've seen (I've not).

     After talking to Matt I realised just how homesick I am today and all things compounded to make a pretty shitty day. Valentines is the worst. It's actually not that I'm homesick I just miss the people. I don't want to go home, I want to bring people with me. There were several events going on this evening, pub crawls, just going to the pub, I think someone was going to the casino, all these things I could be up but I'm just not feeling it. I don't know if I'm supposed to force myself to go make new friends and experience things or if I should give in to my feeling just crumby and just stay in. Well in the end the latter won.

      After watching a few episodes of Community (its huge down here) and my first experience with The Inbetweeneers (which resonated more then expected because it was all about his first day making friends and trying ti fit in, i kept identifying with him) I mopped around on fb hoping someone would be online in the Northern Hemisphere finally Zac came online and made me feel much better. He always know how some way.

     Then we decided to shake of this nonsense and make a drinking game out of the goriest non Romanic film we could think of - Ninja Assassin.  Any time there was any kind of tenderness between the sexest, or the word 'heart' came up, we drank. It eventually became a decent evening. There are some good people down here.

     The crap thing however is the fact the fact that due o the time zones, the next day was Valentines Day back in Canada, so my news feed was full of cards and well wishes and lovers and *blarg*.

      Love each other, everyday, without a day to tell you to.

     And hug internationals.

     There's no place like...

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