Friday, 17 February 2012

Wednesday February 15th - Beach

     Orientation was less than an hour long, if you are going to get us all together for any length of time less than 3 hours, make it after noon. However it certainly worked out for the best. Hasseena (left above), who is also on exchange from York, and I thought it'd be nice to lay out in the sun for a while, and made plans to meet at my res after we both did some banking. Well when I got back to Deakin large group of residents were going to the beach, so once Hassena arrived at rez grabbed her hand shoved a bathing suit in it and told her we were going to the beach.  Josh was less than impressed that I'd pulled a 6th person into his car and sat on the floor the entire way there (which is illegal in Candida, VERY illegal here) but was a good enough sport about it (thank you, Ushwa). We arrived at St Kilda after being convinced that we were lost before anyone else did (thank you, Bane, who is right above) and it was beautiful. 

     Once we all got changed and took a few pictures, which you will see below, Hasseena and I ran into the ocean squealing and jumping with excitement. The water was great, perfect hot weather water (well, perfect when the last body of water you saw was frozen) and I couldn't have been happier.
     Once everyone else arrived we played Frisbee in the water and chatted. Saw a penguin! A real life penguin swam right up to us! Underwater, right through our legs looking for fish! It was amazing! The oil on its feather shone blue and it flashed through the water towards us. It was brief and magical and even the locals said it doesn't normally happen.Aapparently there is a rockery near that particular beach so the birds are not uncommon in the area, but to swim right up to people was a unique happening.

Hasseena and I walked along the pier.

The view of the city from the top of the pier, the golden topped building contains the Eureka 
Skydeck, which was that evenings excursion.

The view of the beach form the pier, approximately where the three yellow boxes are is where we were stationed on the beach.

Ocean, my foot looks weird.

Hasseena and the Marina.

Johno and Sam, RA's From Deakin. Locals.

Bane, our navigator and Eyebrows (Shawn) who is named such because he strokes his eyebrows when he gets drunk (or so I'm told) now because his eyebrows are particularly exciting/expressive. Locals.

Octavia and Rachel, Brits.

Oh yeah, did anyone bring sunscreen?

There's no place like...

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