Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tuesday February 21st - Trivia Night

     Trivia Night, The theme was to dress as something that started with a D. I dressed as The Dark, which, as I am Canadian, means I am afraid of myself (HIMYM reference). My team was called Team Double Domino Dark Drag Dinner Douche, or DoDoDaDrDiDo, as we had 3 double agents, a set of dominos, myself, a drag queen, dinner and a douche (the popped collar kind). Canada was the answer at least twice and we won. Largely in part to Frankie (our Drag Queen's) very impressive thighs. We swore if we won we would re name ourselves after them. We did win and my next team names will reflect my respect for Frankie's zen wall squat.

Drag and Draco (Frankie and Smiley Simon)
 Dead, Dominos and Double Agent (Stacey, Alex and Sam- he is wearing another colleges shirt underneath ours)
 Double Double Agents and Drag (Ash, Jordan or Jaden, I can't tell, and Rhian)
 Deakin Hall
 The Dark (Callum and Myself)
 Dino (Josh)
The Cheering Section  
 Aforementioned wall sit (the one it pain is Saber)
 A true man can win a test of strength while in a dress and be proud of it.
There's no place like...

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