Saturday, 1 September 2012

Every Grocery Store is an Adventure

Green* onions
Wh... why is there a difference here?
F*ckin love Vegemite, but why does need to come into a tube.
Where is the "A"? "No time! We're FACKING 'STRALIAN!"
This stuff is delicious.
So is this.
This too. *Wimper* I MISS THIS!
The "ing" implies it will make you do it (but so does Josh's face)
Sprite* Where are the lemons?!
This excites me illegal ways.
Crispy Bacon Flavor
"Wait, you don't have Chicken flavoured chips?! What is this hell you call Canada?!"
Because cheese and onion is gangsta.
And then there are these things. Balls. Of cheese. AND Bacon.
No amount of Joshua face can make these things good.
Stick deodorant? I say nay.
This is the cheese, the real cheese, not the face processed cheese, this is real kinds of cheese. I JUST WANT CHEDDAR!
Seriously! Where is the mozzarella?! This is so hard! TASTY, TASTY LIGHT, EXTRA TASTY?!
Admittedly it was really good. 

I want every day to be like this!

There's no place like...