Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sunday March 4th - Sunday March 11th: Round Up

Sunday March 4th
       After Sunday supper, which is not supper at all but just junk food (of course I have it for my supper, or dinner as the two words are not synonymous here), we continued the building tradition of Sunday Nights with the Doctor, or Science Fiction Doctor Feature, or Double Doctor Date (the trend seems to be we are watching all the two parters). This week was Human Nature and Family of Blood, next week will be Forest of the Dead and Silence in the Library. I'm really enjoying it, it's a good way to get people together and gives something fun to look forward to on a Sunday.

Monday March 5th
       After class it was my fire twirling club. I keep saying MY Fire Twirling Club as if I possess it in somewhat, which is wholly unfair, so rather it was THE Fire Twirling Club. I've learned a few more tricks and am just attempting to get the flow of the movement a little more clean. It's still really basic and I don't claim to be any good but I know I'm making improvement so I'm proud of myself for that. :) I'm normally the type of person who will give up on something if I'm not any good at it in the first few minutes. I'm really trying to get past this in every aspect of my life but this particularly. I really wish there was another word for it, thought. "Twirling" sounds so uninteresting. "Spinning" would be so much better. We get to do our first burn next week. Real fire and all. I'm not really keen on this. I feel like it's really soon. I mean I know how to trust myself and to know that I'm not skilled enough yet to light something on fire and whirl it around my head but I'm not sure that everyone will have that kind of forethought. I'm convinced someone is going to get hurt but I'm going to focus on making sure it's not me.

Tuesday March 6th
       I got my first piece of personal mail Tuesday. :) My mom send me a card and a bracelet from their trip to Jamaica. It was so nice to see her handwriting and not a bill or bank statement. I still need to buy a clasp for fixing my bracelet that broke when going through customs.  But all the beads are in a baggie that I keep in my little purse thing so it goes with me wherever I go.

       I also went to See Amanda Palmer in concert. She is recording an album down where with a new band and put on a series of shows to test out the new material. I have been a fan, a very peripheral fan, through Billy, for a bit but I only knew a few songs. However much to my pleasure all of the songs that were new now one there knew and all the old stuff she played was stuff I did know. It made for an excellent show. Afterwards, wanting to make the evening memorable, I had the following conversation with her:

"Can I be so bold and inappropriate to ask you to sign my chest?"
"Of course! But on one condition."
"You have to get the rest of the band to do it too."
This is the result:

What did I tell you? Class act. Afterwards she asked me to send her pictures. No kidding. Aphex Twin was also playing in town that night. It was a sexy night for music in Melbourne.If you don't know Amanda Palmer's music, check out some here:

As well as:

Wednesday March 7th

       Lost my phone (Sam's phone), my bag broke, my RSA deposit didn't go through and Victoria Market was closed when I went all the way down there. Still managed to have a pretty good day. I think it's the weather down here.

Thursday March 8th
       I was supposed to go to the Melbourne Aquarium with Haseena, I was super excited. So very stoked. But after losing my phone the replacement costs soaked up by budgeted funds for pretty much everything I wanted and therefore could no go see the fishies. I am more upset about this then the phone getting lost (sorry Sam). I wanted to see the fishies. *huge sad face*

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
       A whole lot of NOTHING. The only thing worth mentioning is that I played 3 games of Magic (my first in Aus) and won all 3. And only one of them was due to a screw/flood. I was rather pleased. I love my deck. :D
Currently, on Sunday (the first time I have been up to date on this blog ever) I am doing homework (an essay) on: What was the significance of the 1967 referendum? Discuss the history and legacy of the referendum? Oh, wait no I'm not, I'm blogging. Maybe I should get back on that.

I feel a great injustice in the act of being bored in Australia.

There's no place like...


  1. You play magic and have a deck? How did I not know this.
    I was at Toronto comicon today and just found a card I had been looking for (I could have purchased it online for $30 but not having to wait and getting it for $25 was nice) I have a few more cards to go before the deck I want is complete and then I will consume you! ...or eat my words, either way I'm going to be eating something *WINK*

    1. I do! Don't I just keep getting hotter? ;) Its a white black lifelink deck and I like it very much. I'm thinking of building one while I'm down here but I doubt I'll have the time or money. What is yours like? I look forward to the devouring.

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  3. Mines a green squirrel deck, or at least it will be when I get a couple more cards. The card I picked up was Doubling Season. And I'm drooling, thinking about how well it will pair with Nut Collector.