Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Great Ocean Road Trip: Top 14 Countdown

14 Destinations
 I'm not going to put up pictures of all of them, that is what facebook is for. 
(yeah yeah I know this post is full of 40+ photos, shut up.)

13 People 

12 Apostles
Yeah I know, I only count 9 to

11 Videos
This one in particular is Erskine Falls- it does it no justice to represent just how big it is.
Yes I did take this and yes that is one of my party swearing the background.

 10 Cockatoos 
The locals hated us for feeding them.

 9 of us jumped of the pier

 8 People in one tent 
 Those who were in the comfy blanket hording tent.
And those who weren't.
3 in the other, 0 in the one Josh and I cleaned and  2 in a 1 man tent ;)

7 Guys

6 Girls 

 5 Beaches 

Castle Cove (Day 2)

Johanna Beach / Beach at Johanna (Day 2)

 Gibson Steps (Day 2)

 Bells Beach (Day 1)

The beach by the Great Ocean Road sign - the one at which I ran into the water with my clothes on (Day 1)

4 Tents
Why would I take pictures of that? Instead here are pictures of the people who got the tents taken down on top of them.

3 Cars & Drivers
Josh, Jonno, and for some reason I got no picture of Sam or his car
So here's a picture of me being vain in the sun shade

 2 Pairs of underwear hanging from rear-view mirrors 
Guess who started that trend? Note the bionicle worshipping the briefs 

 1 Amazing Weekend 

There's no place like...


  1. I feel like there was more than the last picture of "#5", but that's all my brain will let me acknowledge for the time being. (also I'm jealous of what you're doing right now and wish I could call you and tell you what I'm doing)

  2. Oh, there totally are. I just didn't want to post them all here, more will arrive on FB soon. I hope you don't find it too sick that I am pleased that you are jealous of me but also know I can't wait to get back to you and do whatever it is you're doing with you.