Monday, 5 March 2012

Addendum - Scott Arnott

     In my 3rd post: Saturday February 11th: Night #1 I wrote about a fine upstanding young gentleman who gave me my first Australian beer. Jetlagged and pathetic as my mind was at the time I forgot his name and crudely brushed off the occurrence with little consideration or thought into how this chance meeting would affect my life. I now call upon the gods for forgiveness and seek recognition.

This -
is Scott Arnott.

     This fierce beast of a man was born on 21 September 1993 and is from Launceston, Tasmania which is where he also states his current location to be, but I know that this is a lie because his true location is in my heart.  He is divorced and this is only because our passion for one another shattered his previous marriage in the instant he handed me that fated lukewarm bottle of Carlton. He enjoys Doctor Who and goon and being a princess. Soon I will make him my bride and spend the rest of my life making sure he is happy and that I never forget his name again.

     Addendum Complete. May our hearts go one and may I never have another.

There's no place like...


  1. '93 and divorced! What have I been doing with my life? Quick somebody fuck me then steal half my stuff.