Monday, 5 March 2012

Saturday February 25th - Thursday March 1st - Beach, Bikes and Battles

      A lovely day on the beach (Brighton Beach) with Kirsten,  Josh (J-Mac/Fidget), James, Rachel, Milan, Frankie and Kim (Brit, Local, Brit, Brit, Dutch, American and Dutch) at which I attempted to find Silvio (German) and swam out to a what we thought was a rock but turned out to be a coral formation. 

     When Silvio found me I joined him and some other internationals of the ugly side of the beach before heading to their place for dinner and out to a free Symphony by the river, it was stunning and I wish I had known about it sooner (it was the last of the series).

I am only posting this picture (cropped as the rest of the pic is icky) so you can see just how pronounced my freckles are these days. Good ole Aussie sun.

Silvio, Mariana, Daniella, Chris, Daniel and.. (?) :S She was really nice though.

This picture is proof that Ramon is my long lost German brother.

      Afterwards went back to the German's place to drink and socialize. I feel asleep early (as usual) and woke up to Silvio arguing with his girlfriend about me. Seriously people, I pose no threat to your boyfriends or your relationships. I'm flattered that you think I am but take confidence in your relationship and maybe you should spend your time focusing on why you don't trust him/yourself and not worrying about some girl from Canada.

      After breakfast I went shopping downtown and found a great place to buy all my souvenirs for  my lovelies back home. Came back up to halls and signed up for a great bikes hare program Monash has where you get a key to hundred of bikes on campus and lock them up again at your destination for the next person to take, if you are lucky they are there when you get back. Totally free, they give you a helmet, lights and your own key to keep for the year. Only trouble is this.

     Its mandatory, the law and all but I'm just an ignorant Canadian who didn't know that if any police officers ask.

      The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. It was the first week of classes but you don't want to hear about that and I don't want to talk about it. :P I did however go to a Free BBQ on Caufield Campus and stocked up. This my friends, is why one should always carry that big ass backpack that I do:

     It is also why you shouldn't make me wait 45 min for a hamburger (even if it is free) I will spend that time slipping things into my bag. I am looking forward to finding out what all these strange flavours taste like. Lemonade, I already know, is Sprite. If you're looking for North American Lemonade (it was very difficult not to say 'real lemonade') you need to find Lemon Squash. Craziness.

There's no place like...

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