Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday March 2nd & Saturday March 3rd - The Weekend

Friday March 2nd
         While sitting in the courtyard it was decided we needed to have a night out. Frankie lead the charge, I followed and when it looked like it wasn't going to garner a crowd we decided whoever joined us Frankie and I were going to have a lovely dinner. This became a double date with Sam and Stacy where we decided to get a little fancy. By fancy, I mean I wore a dress. We drove out to a strip mall with several restaurants and shopping centers and found outsells a cute little fish and chips restaurant with what appeared like some good deals-until we discovers it was a dollar for ketchup or tartar sauce. this just will not do, so Frankie and I ran down the street to Quality-Q-Groceries a ShiLankan, Pakistani and the like grocery store. Here is where we purchased a bottle of ketchup for 3 dollars rather than the tub of it for 1. It was however some strange foreign ketchup that tasted not quite like ketchup and not quite like bbq sauce but it did the trick. After dinner we went to ColdRock similar to Marble Slap/Coldstone Creamery and had Birthday Cake and Ferrero Rocher blended ice cream with chunks of Tim Tams. ZOMG. Tim Tams. The best.

       Apparently you can bite each opposing corner off and suck a hot drink like tea or coffee through it and it melts from the inside out and its heaven. I haven't tried it yet because I like these so much I don't buy them. I will eat all of them in one sitting. Not good (SO GOOD). 

Saturday March 3rd

       In short, after a swanky dinner of KANGA BANGAS (kangaroo sausages) and the yet to be mentioned wine(pictured above), I got tipsy... no? Would you believe inebriated? How about that I put on some beer goggles? Intoxicated? Smashed? Hammered? Obliterated? Off my face? Those last few working a but better for you? Drunk, really rather drunk. There are, for the first time in my life, large sweeping sections of the evening I don't remember. Not my proudest moment. But I AM proud of the most important fact of the evening: I have left my mark on Australia by changing the skulling song ( the song that is sung when you have to finish your drink) . It previously ended with  "But (s)he's ALLLLRIGHT." which as you will see, was dumb because it said the same word twice in the same sentence(*tick-tick*) I nominated a change and it went over rather well. It now goes:
Here's to *insert name here* (s)he's true blue!
(S)he's a piss pot through and through!
(S)he's a bastard so they say!
(S)he tried to go to heaven but (s)he went the other way
(S)he went DOWN-DOWN-DOWN-DOWN-DOWN! (repeated until the drink is finished)

(If the drink is finished you respond:)

What do we think of *insert name here*?
(S)he's alright!
(S)he's got small tits/a small dick.
     See what I did there? Mad talent.
     If they don't finish the drink all in one go just you just yell: "(S)he's SHIT!" It's not the most kind or conservative of drinking songs, but no good drinking songs are.

     This evenings social lubrication was provided by this magical, magical fact about Australian wine.

       It's the only thing that's cheap. 2 for $5. Glorious. The next day Josh and I went back to the liquor store to buy more while still hung-over from the first batch. Class act.

      There's no place like...

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  1. Awww babies first black-out. Well, if I'm any sign of times to come there will be plenty more of those just over the horizon. Try not to think of them as horrible periods where you could have done any number of embarrassing things but as magical guilt free zones in your night.

    If you can't remember it, did it actually happen? My conscience says, no.