Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March 12th - March 16th - I'm A Bad Bad Blogger

Monday March 12th
Fire Spinning- I did it. With fire. Didn't get burned (also didn't do too many tricks because I was scared but it was cool).

Wednesday March 13th
Beach - St Kilda

Cake Shop - Delicious.

Bought new expensive can't wait to wear it, going to knock you off your feet dress. Thank you Frankie for making sure it wasn't black.

I need a job, did my RSA (responsible Service of Alcohol Training) it cost me $60 and if I don't get a job with booze service then it will not be worth it.

Thursday March 15th
Fancy Dinner and Jungle Juice. Provided by Rigel and Frankie respectively. 

Friday March 16th
John Carter and Fish and Chips in a half built, broken into mansion.

Great Ocean Road pictures to come.

There's no place like...


  1. Were you still looking for what the name for fire spinning was? Its "Poi"

  2. Nah, the stuff with the staff is Fire Twirling or Fire Dancing. I started to learn poi this week, that is with balls on strings/wires/chains.
    This is what I was doing in this picture:
    This is what I was learning this week (but I haven't blogged about it yet):

  3. Gotcha, ...I guess I never asked if it was on a string or a stick.