Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Great Ocean Road Trip: The Family

The GORT Family

Jonno = Daddy Digby
Local, The GOR Area
Fun Fact: Organised and ran the trip. We are all forever in his debt for this amazing experience.

 Kirsten = Triplet #1
Brit, London
Fun Fact: Thinks she is the ugly one of her friends, as you can see that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

 Milan = Triplet #2
Dutch, The Netherlands
Fun Fact: Her boyfriend is moving to Melbourne shortly (I know boys, I was disappointed too)

 Rachel = Triplet #3
Brit,  Lincolnshire
Fun Fact: He boyfriend is also a ginger, I know because I creeped him on fb.

Frankie = The Pool boy 
American, Massachusetts 
Fun fact: Took a leak in every beautiful place we went.

 Josh/J-Mac = The Milk Man
Local, Shepparton (but really Mooroopna) 
Fun Fact: This is his Nutella face.

 Rhain = The Secretary 
Local, The Blue Mountains
Fun Fact: Is never caught on camera looking anything but pretty or doing anything silly. 
Sam = The Creepy Gardener
Local, (I'm not sure)
Fun Fact: I owe him $20.

 Tim = Tiny Tim
Local, Darwin
Fun Fact: Unlike Rhian, cannot take a serious picture.

Tony = Toddler Tony
Local, (I'm not sure)
Fun Fact: Has too modes; stoic centurion and adorable smile. 

 Allie = Auntie Allie
Local, Sydney
Fun Fact: She's so pretty (we're having an affair).

E-Jaz = The Adopted One
Indian, Dubai 
 Fun Fact: Only knows how to pose like he owns the place.

 Kathryn = Mama Moose
Canadain, Toronto
Fun Fact: Loves all of these people so much and finally feels like she has a place here.

There's no place like...

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