Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday March 11th - One Month Anniversary

       Today is my one month anniversary of coming to Australia. It doesn't feel like that long and at the same time it does not seem that short. It doesn't really feel at all, it's just time. The full moments are fulfilling in a way that nothing else has before and are often simpler than expected. The empty moments are rare yet more frequent then you think and they are the longest. I miss home but I'm through the roof about being here its just adjusting to being here on my own and I'm okay with that :)

In this month I have:

o eaten strange new foods (mostly junk)
o been proposed to by a German
o drank
o Swam in the ocean, twice
o swam with a penguin
o drank
o taken risks and had adventures
o inhaled vodka
o ran out the city center looking like a soccer team
o come together as part of a Pokémon themed morale booster
o been the black sheep at a toga party
o posted soul exposing drunken videos of myself
o seen koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, platypi (I don't care what anyone tells you that is what the plural should be called), various birds, wallabies flying foxes and lyre birds
o drank
o got a phone, lost a phone
o listened to the symphony by the river at sunset 
o blacked out drunk
o seen Amanda Palmer and had her sign my chest
o written over 10,000 words in 20 blog posts
o and oh yeah, moved to Australia

      It's not enough. This is not justification. I must make better use of my time. 

In the coming month I plan to:

While on a road trip to go camping along Great Ocean Road:
o See the 12 Apostles
o Go body boarding
o hike through the jungle
o swim under a waterfall
o go to the lighthouse where they filmed Round the Twist

While in the Outback in Broken Hill:
o Tours of the Outback Flying Doctors Base and Daydream Silver Mine
o Exploration of Mungo National Park, a World Heritage-listed site
o Watching a spectacular sunset at the Outback Sculpture Park
o Visit to the mining ghost town of Silverton (now an artists colony)
o Experiencing life at a remote outback cattle and sheep station (Ranch)
o Camel rides

While on The One Fish Two Fish Trip with Extreme Adventures:
o Australia Zoo - Croc Feeding Show
o Party Cruise (inc. beer and wine)
o Night Bungy Jump and Party.
o AJ Hackett Bungy Swing
o Maxi Yacht Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands.
o 4 x 4 bus trip on Fraser Island.
o Pristine Fraser Island Lakes
o Full Day White Water Rafting the Tully River.
o 2 nights on a Tropical Island Resort.
o Whitehaven Beach.
o High speed ocean rafting adventure
o Rainforest and Waterfalls trip
o Great Barrier Reef trip to outer barrier reef on a luxury vessel.
o Scuba dive and snorkelling Great Barrier Reef.

While actually staying on campus:
o     Start rehearsals for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Oh? Did I not tell you? I got  part in a play =D Just a small one but it'll be good to get back around theatre people and the show promises to be very cool)
o      Get a job and do well in school.

       No problem, right?

       This is going to be awesome.

       There's no place like...

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  1. Sounds wonderful!!! All the best on your new adventure!