Sunday, 13 May 2012

Thursday May 10th - Saturday May 12th: Ros & Guil Are Dead

       The show opened this week to a sold out house. I think we did okay. Its hard to say at this point how things are going with only three shows. All the stuff that was hilarious in rehearsals that the directors decided about my character is not flying with audiences. I've not changed anything and maybe I just got used to hearing them laugh at it and so not hearing the audience do it is disheartening but we carry on. I don't mean to pass the buck here on this matter but I didn't, and wouldn't, have made this choice for Gertrude but I do see why its entertaining. Perhaps I'm thinking too much of the original from Hamlet and need to think more about the comedic one in Ros and Guil.

        Regardless here are some awesome pictures taken by one of our techs!

      We have 5 more shows to go and then a kick ass closing night party where afterwards it will be a good thing that these people won't have to see me again because I expect I'm going to scare them.

There's no place like..

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