Thursday, 31 May 2012

Melbourne Vs Toronto

      This website > < go to it study it and when it makes no sense to you, move to Toronto and the penny will drop.

        Having lived in Belleville for most of my life, Toronto for the past several years and Melbourne for the last few months I have developed a very interesting propective on what each place is in relation to each other. The strongest and most well formed opinions are about T.O.This has a lot to do with its great contrast to Belleville and Melbourne and its similarities to other places I've visited or have strong perceptions about. 

         Toronto is a consumer's city to life into Toronto you have to want to intake things. You don't really have a choice not to. If you are the kind of person who just wants to go to work, go home, stay in and love your family then Toronto is very unlikely for you. Rather you are going to have to desire to see things, meet new people, do something interesting on a regular basis and consume many of the things that are placed before you. Toronto enjoys the newest thing there is. It is very much at the front of the wave seeing and passing everything first and its this that makes is disposable. Toronto values the things they can use up and throw away as soon as the the next thing comes up.  This makes for a fast pace and exciting lifestyle. But there is very little history in Toronto. Torontoinas are not particualy intrested in what can before the, rather they are much more intrested in what is coming next. They're actually rather futurist in their beliefs that what came before is irrelvant to what is happeneing now (wow, thanks theatre theory history). The analogy of Toronto being like Sydney is appearing rather accurate. 

(Yay! One of my own pictures!)

           The other half of this is the Melbourne is like Montreal. And this I feel is rather true. There is a history here that is held on to, you can see culture here. You can see what Melbourne is built on rather then having it have been torn down and replaced as the history would be in Toronto. There are cultural museums, an aquarium and a casino all right downtown. Federation Square  is actually more about the celebration of Federation and culture then about the biggest brightest adds on the buildings facing inward (like Dundas Square). There is a river running though the center of the city and there is a lot of culture based around it. There is a cultural center and a botanical gardens right in the heart of the city. I say with pride that Melbourne is a much nicer city then T.O.

     But the public transit sucks.

     I honestly never thought I would miss the T.T.C but I will weep for joy from here on out every time I have to wait 15 min for a bus because Metlink is SO MUCH WORSE. How Melbourne got voted as the worlds most livable city with a transit city like this I will never know because I feel it really knocks back my quality of life.

There's no place like...

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