Friday, 11 May 2012

Mail Time: 3in1

     Today (and all days really... and the fact that I got these a few days ago) I am a spoilt little girl. Gordo sent me a package of 3 little letters from himself, Matt and Rochelle who wrote them all together on a infamous evening and as always, it made my day. How I adore these three and the love they send me. Rochelle and Gordo shared one piece of red card which included affection, the fulfillment of promises and naughty drawings and Matt's postcard was a perfect representation of our adoration and adventures to come.

     Receiving mail is just so fantastic. Truth be told these three we in the first category from the last "Mail Time" post and, Gordo excluded because be was the first to send me anything, there were moments I feared that the crushing feeling of let down expectations was to come. Often you forget to show the people you're closest to the love you assume they know you feel for them and your attention wanders to other things but in reality they need it most. I've concluded the joy of receiving mail from anyone is delivered regardless if you were expecting it or not. Mail is just a wonderful thing. Blue Clues really caught on to something.

There's no place like...

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