Saturday, 5 May 2012

Friday May 4th - Surprise Mail Time!

     Friday night after a long rehearsal (at which I fell ill) I returned home to receive a surprise postcard from Katy. I say surprise because this is the first mail I've received I didn't have prior notice that I was to expect and it certainly was unexpected. 
     Honestly there are some people you expect are going to send you stuff, some you really hope will, others that just tell you they have and some that you would never anticipate them to think of you to send  you anything. When the first two categories send you something its essential, heartwarming and wonderful, if don't send you things its crushing. Those in the third are usually one of the first two who just decide to tell you it's coming and you get the anticipation for days, maybe weeks, on end that ends with a burst of relief and joy. But  when the fourth group sends you something its dizzying, you get an amazing feeling thinking that someone who you didn't think would think about you did and it makes you feel fantastic and ever so thankful.

Also - Pixar Monsters! =D

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