Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mail Time! Featuring a Chimpmunk!

     My lovely Dessa Bell (aka. Katherine Noyes) sent me my first Canada themed postcard which I got last night after nerding at Kevin's house. In the same bunch of mail I learned that I am O Positive which means I can donate blood to anyone, yay! But saving lives is not as exciting as receiving a postcard from someone you love and miss as much as I do my little Kanadian Koala as I am her Australian Chipmunk. See?

     This is what Chipmunks look like to me- always a little angry, tell me you can't see the family resemblance. 

     I'm always ever so thankful for every piece of mail I get and am always thrilled to hear from wonderful people like K-Tron.

    There's no place like...

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