Saturday, 12 May 2012

End of Mid Semester break to Monday May 7th- Rehearsals, Milan's Birthday & Fire Twirling

     Since my trips nothing much has been going on; I've been settling back into my Melbourne home and getting down to work. I owe you a video about ANZAC Day if I got any footage worth showing.
      Rehearsals have been going okay. I have been blended back into the cast well enough after my time away. We finally got to do my stuff last weekend and I feel more confident about it, however I still tend to pause awkwardly in the middle of my speech as I don't trust myself to say it correctly. I continue to get the feeling that only one of the directors actually wanted me on this show but I think I'm getting the other one to warm up. Hopefully. I have lots of opinions of the work and how it's going but I think there is a cultural difference here preventing anything I say from being valid. Also I am adjusting to being a vessel again. It reminds me why I am a deviser and not an actor. At this point we have yet to do a full run through, we open this May 10th. Eek.

       Milan's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, I had a blast. Danced on Chapel Street and drank and pulled pranks and had  a damn good time. Many of the pictures that are now on facebook are ones I don't remember being taken and there are many not on facebook that I hope others have forgotten.

(L to R: Luigi, Rachel, Alan, Kirsten & Allie)

(Birthday girl Milan and Boyfirned Harm)

(Jaydin & E-Jaz)

(Myself & Josh/J-Mac)

(E-Jaz, Alex, Della, ??? :S, Frankie & Tim)

       Last week I went to my second burn with MCJAF and my first after switching to poi. It went better than I had expected but it reminded me that I still have SO MUCH to learn. I can really only do a couple of tricks well enough to be confident enough to do the with fire and not just my poi socks. I have heaps that I need to work on and plenty I need to keep practising to get confident enough to do while on fire. That being said I hit myself several times and didn't die, so my fear about being caught alight has greatly diminished so that is one hurdle overcome. 

(Jeremy doing contact fire juggling)

(Julien & fire staff, which was what I was learning originally)

(Jeremy with his hand on fire, metholated spirits I believe. He could do that for about 3 seconds after which he yelped and shook his hand violently)

(Rhys, my teacher with poi)

(Me with poi)

        Over the next couple weeks I have 2 major essays to write, the show opens and closes, I've got high tea and birthday celebrations to attend, and what promises to be a revealing cast party (or at least it will prove for everyone else, this group has a lot to learn about me), a real Aussie Footy match. I'm going to try to stay sane and not starve and keep trying to get a job and celebrate the semester being over with a weekend away. This will hopefully keep things interesting.

There's no place like...

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