Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brand Names

     Snap! Crackle! Pop! Kellogg's Rice... Bubbles?

      I'm confused about this. Why did someone think that they had to change the names of a product between countries? I mean I understand between languages but North America and Australia can't be so different as to need to change the names of cereals... are they?

Kellogg's Rice Bubbles (Okay, this does make a bit of sense, what the heck is a crispy?)

100's and 1000's (Hundreds and Thousands) aka Sprinkles

Creaming Soda (why is the 'ing' necessary?) 

Where's Wally? Who the hell is Wally? That's not even a shorter wold to Waldo! Who is Waldo in Australia  that its not okay to call him by his full name?

      Also, there are no stick deodorant here. Its all aerosol. Well there is stick but its expensive. Everything is, but that is a different story.

There's no place like...

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  1. Aha, 'bubbles' oddly does make more sense. But, in England we also have Wally. I don't care for Waldo, or his whereabouts! Also, 'arousal'? Or aerosol? Freudian slip, or is that also a language barrier? :P