Monday, 11 June 2012

June 4th - Melbourne Aquarium

     Katherine and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium last week and had a blast. She and I met on the One Fish Two Fish trip(though the actually moment we met is still under contention). She's from Montreal and it is her existence why more people call me Moose now then Kathryn as she is another Canadian Kathryn/erine and we couldn't have two running around.
     She was in Melbourne for a couple days and suggested we go to the Aquarium for which I was stoked. I had had a chance to go earlier in my trip but the day before going I lost my phone and had to budget money for its replacement. Regardless, I'm glad I got to go with Katherine, we had a great day.
     We unfortunely got stuck in between two school groups, so here is what I've done. I've made two videos - one with my commentary and adorable 6 years old excitement...

...but with that comes the the not so adorable 6 year old excitment of 45 sceaming children. To prevent that I made a second video with all the sound cut out and relaxing music overtop, so you can enjoy the fishes and their majesty without the little ones. Your choice. 

     Afterwards we headed up to Degrave Street for Crepes. We split a savory cheese and mushroom and a sweet rasperry white chocolate and coconut. Delicious.

      Then we took the free tram around the CBD, which was nice to get to sit down and chat because it was rainy, we didn't get to see much of the city fogged up windows or the rain covered glass but the second tram we got on had annoucments over the PA describing where we were. (I really did not get to explore Melbourne as much as I would have if I had lived in the city. I'm really excited to move closer to downtown T.O. so that I can make sure I don't let that happen again). Finally before heading to the train station to send Katherine back to the airport we went for cupcakes. So cute (hopefully Katherine will put pictures on FB soon so I can prove to you that I was there too).

     A very good rainy day in the city. I'm planning on heading out to Sydney (hopefully) in a couple weeks so I hope I get to spend another fun day with Katherine there.
There's no place like...

UPDATE: Yay! She did! Its not that great of a face I'm making but whatever! We'll deal!

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