Saturday, 9 June 2012


     Australian's don't know how to watch a movie with their mouths shut. This is why I blog when we watch things.
     Also, I have a face that holds the answers apparently. Answers to? Everything. I just have this face that makes me seem like I know stuff. I always look like I work at whatever store I'm in and every person who lives in Deakin and has English as a second language accosts me with inquiries about the most random stuff. Someone asked me recently - as I leaving the bathroom - how much did I think a tattoo would cost.
     Currently I've got a headache, I'm trying to be social but I just can't be bothered watching the 10th episode of Big Bag Theory (as much as I do like it) while a room full of people chirp at me about things I don't care about.
     The countdown to how much longer I have here is now being counted in days. 25. Holy crap. Regardless of how annoyed I am at this moment 25 days left in this country still terrifies me and I don't wish it to be true.
      There's no place like...

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