Saturday, 7 July 2012

Phillip Island Addendum feat Rob Kelly

      After posting about my trip to Phillip Island my Australian Idol Prof/Tut Leader (who I have on Facebook volunteered to explain the Fairy/Little Penguin debate. He explains as follows: "The Latin name for the bird is "Eudyptula Minor" which literally translates into "Little Penguin" which is what they've always been called. It was only some genious somewhere along the line that nicknamed them "Fairy Penguins". I don't remember when exactly but the good people at The Penguin Parade desided to revert back to the real name." In addition in "an amazing show of geeky-ness" Rob also identified the hybrid cows as: "highland cattle, their from Scotland. They were the first type of cattle grazed in this area, the ones you find on Churchill Island are aledgedly decendents of the original herd." But he is sceptical. 

       There's no place like...

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